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Road Wings Indian Head Nickel

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Born in the U.S.A., these hand made, beautifully detailed emblems offer that finishing touch of custom to set you apart from the crowd. Adheres with automotive grade, double sided tape that will hold tight at any speed. Stick 'em on helmets, gas tanks, fenders, windshields, etc. Road Wings can even be bent to fit the curvature of front forks!


  • Adheres with high bond automotive grade 3M tape.
  • Made from lead-free pewter.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Holds tight at any speed.
  • FULL Money Back Guarantee.


Before peeling the back off the adhesive, place the emblem on the surface of the object and press down on the wings to bend them into the desired curve. Then peel off the back and stick into place. If you lightly place the emblem you can lift it back up to reposition if necessary. Once it is straight and in the desired location, apply pressure. The adhesive is pressure activated so be sure to press firmly.

Item #: 1512

Size: 3 1/8" wingtip to wingtip

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Eagle wings are the ultimate symbol of freedom. Eagles can soar higher and see farther than any other bird.


Road Wings embody the free spirit of the eagle, the wind in your face, and the roar of the engine. They go where you go and revel in your adventures under the open sky. 


May you have the strength of the eagle's wings to fly to new heights, and the wisdom of the universe to carry you on your rider's journey.


Express your inevitable destiny and soar with Road Wings!